Khaled began working on “Compressed” upon his arrival in France. He presented his first solo exhibition in the city of Marseille in southern France in June 2015, and then in Paris in October of the same year.

The “compressed” collection mimics the artist’s impressions and feelings through people in a state of physical and psychological compression. It ranges from his arrest in Syria in May 2013 through his stay in Beirut to his exile in France.

The Compressed collection includes more than 40 works of art and Sculpture with grilled clay, as well as a wide range of ink-on-paper works.

“I will blow up, everything will explode …

Close your eyes and imagine that you are in a space of no more than half a meter by half a meter,

Surrounded by piles of human beings in an area not exceeding half a meter by half a meter.

Imagine yourself living all the details of your daily life. eat, drink, cold, suffer, love, enjoy, play, get sick, sing, sleep, breathe, paint, starve, curse, yearn and die in this space only.

Compressed … I cannot get out.

In this space, no limits to me.

The bodies of others are my body.

His hand moves. It is my hand … It is his hand … It is our hand.

“Do not move” … you are not allowed to move.


I want to sleep … “Learn to sleep standing.”

I want to cry to cry … “I do not mind as long as you do not make a sound or a whim.”

Compressed …

He dies near me … we all die.

Imagine yourself there …

What day are we?

I want to know the hour … I want to lose my hearing.

I do not remember their faces … I want my mother … I dreamed of her today.

I want to get out … I’ll marry all the women of the world when I get out.

Compressed …

You are here now … and you are there.

The thousands are there … and mostly forever there. “

Khaled Dawwa 2015