The  “Get Up!” collection came as a result of Khaled’s artistic residence in Saint-Quentin-la-Butire, in the south of France. The collection was presented at an exhibition of the European Ceramic Arts Festival in July 2017 in the same city.

The collection consists of twelve pieces of coloured clay, which is treated with coloured wax. The work includes two basic elements – the personal and the chair. The sculpture sits in a manner suggesting that it is impossible to rise from the chair. The sculptures are adherent, fused, worn out in their chairs.

“Stand Up!” carries political and social dimensions. The is title open for interpretation.

In this work, Khaled attempts to expose the power of all kinds to those within every human being. It also criticizes the stalemate in which everyone lives in the face of what surrounds him and the silence that turns him into a partner in the continuation of this reality.


Everything is ruined …

Why are you staring?

And you are watching, liking …

Work continues on this collection, through other varieties that include new elements in addition to the character and chair.